Denekamp Twente

A Dutch region known for its water streams, forests and green pastures. You will find yourself surrounded by authentic villages with hospitable people, among the colours of nature and the singing of birds!

Get on your bike or put on your walking shoes and find your way on the beautiful cycling and walking paths of green Holland! Twente is hospitable and rich in traditions of country life. You will come into contact with a new world, which will make you feel welcome in an unspoilt natural environment, where you can relax and have fun with the whole family!

PAPILLON Country Resort

Papillon Country Resort is the Dutch five-star location of Vacanze col cuore, and is located in the beautiful Twente-Overijssel region, just a stone's throw from Germany. In addition to spacious pitches with private sanitary facilities, you will also find unique Glamping accommodation, luxury bungalows and mobile homes. No crowds, but attention to the guests, who need plenty of living space, luxury and comfort in a breathtaking natural setting full of opportunities to enjoy themselves.