Spotty Kids Club


At the Spotty club the kids will be dazzlingly entertained by the entertainment and childcare team at the campsite.


The professional staff are young people who have a real love for crafting, playing, searching for treasures, or dancing with kids.
The speak multiple languages, so as far as is possible all the kids feel right at home at the Spotty club.
In the morning, afternoon, and in the evening fun activities are organised for the kids in different age groups.

There is no boredom with Spotty!

With the Spotty club you can look forward to a summer full of adventure, fun and variety!

Spotty Kids Club

Drawings, paintings, creations of splendid artifacts and games.


Spotty Disco

Dance with your new friend Spotty on the mini disc.


Spotty Sport

Spotty loves all kinds of different sports and is thrilled to play a game of football, volleyball or table tennis with you.

Spotty Pool

Think of fun and water games in the pool.

Spotty Download

Spotty has his coloring cards!
Come and download them!

Spotty Theatre

 In the evening the entertainment team organise spectacular shows and interactive games for all.

at the campsite

The most important goal for the Spotty club is that the little guests have buckets of fun!


The staff and entertainment team of the Spotty club are expertly and carefully chosen.
The always look forward to a summer full of action and fun; so can the children and the whole family.
Almost every day activities are organised, for example the colourful Mini club, the Mini disco, diverse sports activities and play offers, water fun, and entertaining evening shows.
Everything you need and could want for an unforgettable holiday for young and old alike.