Who is Spotty?


Spotty is a camping dog from Italy.
He’s always in a fun and good mood and very good with children.

You’ll be able to ‘spot’ him with his black spots on his white fluffy fur, as well as the blue flowers on his hat.
He lives in his wood hut on the campsite and in his very own Spottyland.

Spotty has many different friends from all over the world and different countries.
In summer you can come and visit him at: Weekend Glamping Resort, Orlando in Chianti Glamping Resort, Vallicella Glamping Resort, Sivinos Camping Boutique, Vacanze Camping Boutique, Il Gabbiano Park Residence and Lago Idro Glamping Boutique.
Spotty looks forward to your visits all year long! Will you also be visiting him this summer?

There is no boredom with Spotty!


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Emergency Coronavirus | Spotty's quarantine

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SPOTTY DAY | 29 December 2019 - 'de Boerinn' in Kamerik - Utrecht

crazy Spotty!

Spotty with Jippie the Hippie and Beppy Heppy


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